Quality System

Quality Declaration

A long term quality policy
Providing constant high quality products and service, today and tomorrow, is the central focus within Smit & zoon. This has been described in our long term quality policy focusing on three quality targets:
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Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 certified since 1995
Providing our customers a constant high quality is secured via sound management systems, vendor rating, traceability and quality checks in various stages throughout the production process.
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Feed Safety Assurance Scheme

GMP+ certified
As a fish oil supplier to the animal feed industry, Smit & Zoon identified the company-specific hazards relating to the safety of feeds and analyzes and controls these by applying HACCP principles. Our organization is GMP+ certified to assure our customers we work in line with GMP+ requirements.
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SecureFeed membership

Feed Safety Assurance
Suppliers of feed have a key role in ensuring food safety. Safe animal feed is the basis of safe meat, milk and eggs, in general safe food of animal origin. To help assure the safety of the entire process, practices of animal feed suppliers (both producers and traders) must be careful and transparent. Smit Functional Oils has been an approved SecureFeed supplier for many years.
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Food Safety System

Guaranteed safety
An adequate food safety system is a necessity to be able to fully guarantee the product safety for humans but also for animals and the environment.
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