Smit Functional Oils

A global supplier of Omega 3 Fish oils
Smit & zoon Functional Oils is a global player in the world of functional marine oils since 1821 and one of the leading suppliers of processed omega 3 fish oils. We source globally, store and process locally and deliver and distribute globally.

Operating from our main office in the Netherlands our highly qualified and experienced team consistently meets customers’ requirements utilizing our substantial and flexible production and storage capacity. We take great pride in our long lasting customer and supplier relationships, and we strategically expand our own business to match expansion in our customers’ businesses.

Smit & zoon Functional Oils’ customers include leading brands in the food and pet food industries as well as major ingredient suppliers, aqua and animal feed producers. We work closely with our customers’ technical staff to ensure we supply them the right quality oils for their processes in a world where sustainability and availability are becoming more and more important.

We focus on high product quality and service; our fish oils are produced in accordance with GMP+, HACCP and ISO 9001. And can be supplied with the sustainable IFFO RS (responsible sourcing) certification.

We supply refined, bleached, deodorized and cold filtrated oils from a wide range of fish oils including anchovy, sardine, cod (liver), salmon and tuna, in drums, IBC container or bulk.

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Smit Functional Oils

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