Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, our main subject is certified sustainable fish oil. This means that the fish oil is traceable and originates from renewable sources, i.e. from species of fish that are caught safely and in compliance with specified quotas.
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Successful IFFO RS audit

Renewal of IFFO RS certification achieved
After an extensive two day audit, Smit & zoon was once again approved as a sustainable supplier according to the IFFO RS standards. We proved to have great traceability procedures in place and will receive our new certificate once the current one, valid until July 2017, reaches its end date.
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Sedex Member since 2015

The next step in CSR, Smit & zoon successfully completed the SMETA audit
As a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, Smit & zoon wants to provide a long term positive contribution to society. To achieve this goal, one of our actions has been to endorse the ETI Base Code. Our objective is to follow its principles and to encourage other to do so as well.
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We are FoS certified!

Friend of the Sea: Sustainable Seafood Products Certification
Smit Functional Oils is proud to announce their new Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification. As an important fish oil supplier, sustainability and traceability are some of the key words in our business and this certification emphasizes our efforts in this matter.
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